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Office Cleaning

Office Cleaners

GreatWave customise our Contract Cleaning Services to your particular needs with different options and regularity to suit each different client.


We cover everything from reception areas, washrooms, office space, IT equipment, consumables, carpets, windows and more so you have peace of mind all your staff are in clean working environment.

Medical Premises

Medical Premises

Doctor and Dentists surgeries, Care Homes and Day Nurseries need professional cleaning services with infection control methods.

Medical facilities run the risk of high cross-infection and our cleaning procedures always take these into account to create a safe environment for patients, visitors and of course your staff.

We also pride ourselves in our low Carbon Footprint by recycling more where possible and using eco-friendly cleaning products.

Retail Premises

As competitive as retail is, it would be a shame if your customers walked out of your shop if it wasn’t up to the high cleaning standards they would expect.

GreatWave understand this and are very experienced in this sector and as with all our work you will notice how effective our staff are at what we do.

Retail Premisis
Industrial Premises

Industrial Premises

Manufacturing facilities, in particular the food industry, need to meet high standards of cleanliness and Health & Safety as these can have an impact on your production.

We are highly experienced in this sector, with dedicated, fully trained staff that has these standards instilled in them to do the best job you could wish for.

Schools & Colleges

Schools & Colleges

School kids’ low attendance is not a good thing for any school, neither is poorly staff so a clean, environmentally friendly facility is a must.

We understand your budgets in this sector and always aim to meet those with you without compromising our high standards of cleaning.

Leisure Facilities

Leisure Facilites

Hotels, Restaurants, Gyms and Pubs have large footfalls by lots of different people and as such need to be kept as spotless as possible to keep your customers happy and feel they are in a safe environment.

Regular cleaning using eco-friendly techniques will ensure this and GreatWave can provide a cleaning contract which best suits your business.

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